Our complete range of services provide a one-stop-shop for the creation, updating and management of your digital & online presence helping you connect with more customers with less effort and time. Having Digital Guru on board will provide ongoing support, advice and guidance on everything related to the latest technological tools available for getting your message across to
as many of your customers as possible.

What We Offer

  • Review & Analysis

    Finding out exactly where you are now is an important starting point to gauge your future success.

  • Consultancy

    We are always available to provide up-to-date advice and updates to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

  • Setup & Launch

    Having the right tools and experts onboard mean we can handle all aspects of an project keeping things fast and focussed.

  • Ongoing Management

    It’s all about momentum and to achieve this you need a dedicated and focussed partner who is in for the long haul.

  • Outsourcing

    We don’t pretend to know it all and that’s why we don’t mind bringing in specialists of their field when required.

  • Education & Training

    Helping you understand the latest developments enhances our relationship and helps you take better decisions for you success.

Our Tools

The Core of your Strategy

We know Web and we understand that it is the core of any digital marketing strategy. Let us help you get this right!

  • Website Redesign & Development
  • Custom Applications & Ecommerce Solutions
  • Copywriting,Image & Design Services
  • Maintenance,Updates & SEO

Let's Get Social!

From it’s light-hearted beginnings for keeping in touch with friends, social media is now an essential tool for interacting with customers.

  • Review of Social Media Presence
  • Setup/Updating of Profiles & Channels
  • Campaign Setup & Launch
  • Ongoing Analysis & Review

Everybody has an Email…

It’s been with us from the beginning but it’s the most neglected and yet effective marketing channel out there.

  • Client Contact Details Harvesting
  • Setting up Client Database
  • Sourcing/Setup of Email Marketing Software
  • Newsletter Setup, Launch & Analytics

It's the Right Click that Counts!

The great thing is that you only pay when you get a click - but it’s all about getting the right clicks which result in conversions.

  • Review of Available PPC Campaigns
  • Setup of Campaign
  • Ongoing Analysis & Adjustment
  • Post Campaign Analytics & Review

Where We Can Help

I have a website but it doesn’t really bring in any contacts…

Most companies have been through the process of launching a website but usually that's where it ends!

Revitalising an old underperforming website or launching a brand new one are all tasks we can advise on or handle for you.

Do I really need a Facebook Page & Social Media?

A few years back even Facebook was frowned upon by large companies/corporations but nowadays even they understand the importance of engaging customers directly.

Engaging more customers more often and by interacting with them on a personal level will mean you are more in tune with your most important asset!

We’re not sure how we can use out customer contact details..

It's something all individuals and companies have - an address book with contact details and email addresses.

Turning these details into an effective email marketing strategy will provide instant trackable results using the most obvious of communication channels.

I need to start from scratch building an identity and online presence

So where do you start from? Well firstly you'll need an identity which is largely dictated by your name and line of business. The starting point would be your logo.

From there it's a gradual process of covering all your bases to make sure all your identity, communication and marketing channels are setup and ready for action.

I'm not good with computers or gadgets...

Technology does not have to be complicated but it seems some companies would like us to think so in order to charge higher rates.

We're all for finding simple, user-friendly solutions which make life and business easier for everyone.

Guru Infobyte: Our Logo

Our logo means quite a lot to us and has a lot of who-we-are in it. It pays testament to our first major digital marketing project which involved building a full marketing strategy for a local yoga company.

This really put us into a spiritual frame of mind and it felt only natural to incorporate 'Ganesh' of the most famous Hindu gods of wisdom, intellect and obstacle-removing into our logo. We also love that this god is an elephant which in our eyes is a strong, steady & trustworthy animal..qualities we value & really relate to!

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